Thursday, November 12, 2015

2015 Panini Contenders

This has to proably be one of my new favorite sets that has came out.  I was excited to hear this year Panini could finally do a product where they could show the actual college jerseys. 

I think Panini did an excellent job on these cards.  They look great.  My only complaint is that they do not have the team they are currently on.  But I do like the throwback to some of the older players in there college uniform like J.J. Watt.  I really like the game day tickets also.  I think Panini took a great amount of time to make these and they look great.  I did not include the two autographs I received from the blaster but that will praobly come in another post. So in my eyes this is a great set and it is defintally a good spend of your money.  Thanks for reading!