Monday, October 19, 2015

I Has A Question

Alright so I have a question for the whole collecting community.  Its a pretty simple question to.  How do you organize your cards?  For some reason I always have to reorganize my cards(probably my ocd)  I like looking at how other people do them to see if I find ideas that I like.  So how do you organize your cards? Id love to know all your guys ideas.  Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Sets in binders - Sometimes in numerical order, or sometimes Leaders, Record breakers, checklists etc. first, then by teams by order of finish that year, or in my old sequence of how much I liked each team (mostly in the 80's).
    Sets in boxes - Inserts in front, then numerical order.
    Player collection binders - Chronologically, and within each year, alpha by company. Other smaller collections - in top loaders and a box the same way
    Team collection - by year and then alpha by company.

  2. Also, within sets sorted by teams - Team card first, then big stars, then manager, then rest of team, then multi-player rookies at the end.